The Walls of Morocco

"Unofficial and non-commissioned signs and images on the walls have always existed. They bear significance not only for their makers but also set strong signals for the viewers - bones of contention and impulse for discussion since the Stone Age." - Johannes Stahl, Street Art 2013

When I decided to spend one month in Morocco, i did not know what would spark inspiration.  I knew that the chaos would be a big factor. I had no idea that i would spend my time roaming the streets of Tetouan, Chefchaouen, and Marrakech photographing the walls of Morocco. i think i photographed over 200 images of exterior walls.  I am not looking for the work of graffiti artists, I am looking for walls with some history. I am looking layers of paint, cracking paint revealing colors underneath, maybe a marking here and there from others. 

Now that i am back in my studio, i will attempt to make sense of my experience. You can go to the shopping page to see the collection so far.