My June Show

Friday June 1 (6p-9p) and Saturday June 2, (6p-9p) I have two shows at Alpine Fine Arts, 826 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, 80204 in Denver's Art District. 

These are shows that i am looking forward to for a couple of reasons.

A year ago, I returned home after a month in Morocco.  An experience that greatly changed my work.  I couldn't paint fast enough, the ideas poured out. It was very exciting.

I couple of months ago, after several winter shows, i reviewed my original work and suddenly thought.. wow i now find this work really boring.

I began to revisit works that i was quite proud of a year ago, and i began to change the work.  By change, i do not mean whiting it out and starting over, but rather adding a new layer that i had never really added before. A layer of melodic details that, to me, feel more like notes in a song.


This show will represent a lot of this work and i hope you can join me on one of these days. You can also check out this work on this very site's homepage.