Live Responsive Painting with Ricardo Deolivera

Friday, at the closing reception of my recent art show, I had the great pleasure of making two live responsive paintings with Ricardo Deolivera. Ricardo, a Denver native, is a master with the palate knife.  A master that is 35 years in the making.  I think i've been painting for 25 years.  He and i met at our opening reception at the Alpine Fine Arts Gallery on Santa Fe.

As i admired his work, so different than my own, i challenged him to a duo. Live Responsive Painting. Responsive painting is an exciting, risky, cooperative art making process. With a blank canvas, two artists go head to head, taking turns, in a chess-like manner. No one wins, but when each artist is up, they own the painting and can create or change anything.  Together, the two decide when its time to stop. The first time that i tried this was in Morocco in March with Australian artist Niccy Pallant.


We started our first painting with zero discussion of intent or direction, this allowed for fast reactions. Painting from the gut. He refers to his process as pushing paint, but he paints with a poetic gesture. Too bad I clobbered a lot of his poetry with an aggressive reaction.  He, in turn, triumphed beyond that and moving us to a strong, bold image.


There was couple that came into the gallery right when we started. They were headed out to look at other galleries, and returned about 30 minutes later.  By the time they returned, we were just finishing up.  They bought the 24"x36" painting as it was still dripping paint onto the floor.


With the first painting completed and our egos full, we started immediately on a second painting. This one was smaller, 20"x20", but things took a very different turn.  This was a bolder move and i think our best one yet!  It is also for sale, so let me know if you are interested! We will no doubt do this again.


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